[1997-07-11] Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA


Daron Malakian: Guitar, backing vocals
John Dolmayan: Drums
Serj Tankian: Vocals
Shavo Odadjian: Bass


Other Performers:

  • Kingpin
  • The Dickies
  • Others unknown



  1. Know
  2. War?
  3. Mind
  4. Honey
  5. Temper
  6. Marmalade
  7. Soil
  8. Blue
  9. Suite-Pee
  10. Peephole
  11. Darts
  12. Sugar


Source   Format    Quality  Complete  Length
PRO#1    VID           10           Yes              43


  • Earliest available System Of A Down recording.
  • Pro #1: Multi-camera PRO-shot video with soundboard audio.  Taken from the in-house video feed.  Available on bootleg DVD.





  • Daron: Come on whiskey!
  • Serj: We’re System of a Down.  How can you call it war?  Sending millions of funds by the C.I.A. for death squads in Nicaragua.


  • Serj: If I can control your mind, then I can control your will.  If I can control your will, then I can control your desires.  If I can control your desires, I can control your destiny.  Look at each other.  Look at each other.


  • Serj: You ungrateful fucking whore!


  • Serj: That was a love song. Country without a race.  Formed from people you disgrace.  White, right, conservative might.  Killers of Kennedys with no fright!  The American Way!


  • Serj: This next song is a brand new song.  [Laughs], the fuck was that?  This next song is a brand new song called ‚Marmalade’.  Spread it.


  • Serj: The soil still thirsts for the blood of it’s lost children.  The soil still thirsts for the blood of your lost children!


  • Serj: For those of you who are still in love, I give you ‚Blue’. Hey.



  • Serj: I see a peephole.  I see an island.  I see a palm tree.  I see the sun hazy, lazy, baked.  This song’s about fucking getting high.


  • Serj: This is gonna be our last song. It’s called ‚Darts’.  We’re playing July, 30 at the Viper Room.  We’re not playing the Opium Den,there is a misprint in the paper.  So if you see the Opium Den, we’re not playing there.  I want to thank the other bands that are playing with us.  And we’ve got Kingpin coming up next so stick around.  We’ve got a booth back there: mailing lists, t-shirts, tapes, you fucking name it we got it.


  • Daron: Thank you very much.
  • Serj: Thank you very much for coming out.  We’re System of a Down.
  • ?????: You guys want to hear one more?  Make some noise.  Make some fucking noise!
  • Daron: I wanna thank everybody here who-that’s supported us in the past couple years.  We love you all.  You guys are fucking the bomb.  We appreciate you all.  You guys rip, all of you.
  • Serj: Hey, we totally forgot to play ‚Sugar’ man.  The Kombucha Mushroom People.  Huh.  Oh, me.
  • Daron: I-E-O.
  • Serj: Uh
  • Daron: Awh. Awh-Awh-Awh-Awh-Awh.
  • Serj. Huh, heh.
  • Daron: Awh-Awh-Awh-Awh-Awh.  Sugar!




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