5 teledysków Tankiana w Toronto

W piątek,okołogodziny 22.00 został wyświetlony w toronto film ‚Screamers’ a wraz znim – premiera 5 teledysków z nadchodzącej płyty Serja Tankiana


oto wstepne recenzje które ukazały sie na soadfans.com:

1. Empty Walls
-Ten teledysk jest już znany:) kto niewidział : http://tiny.pl/17bz

2. Honking Antelope
this is a great song. the video is digitized. 3D kinda. the videorevolves around some 3D monkeys that are wearing uniforms, like humans.on the chest of the monkey he has his number, which in this case was”GA.B1.G5″ but what’s funny is that if you look closely, this lookslike the word GABIGS (which in Armenian means monkeys!) so the song isgreat. it revolves around the monkeys, it has a few tanks that shoot init and bombs that fall from the sky. if i remember correctly it talksabout war, and also says something along the lines of we are the reasonwhy our society is the way that it is.
great song!

3. Feed Us
this is another great song. the video revolves around a little boy andan older man (possibly his father). the boy is always happy but the dadseems distraught. vocals in this song is great.

4. Money
great song. this song reminded me of a SOAD song, in the sense that theverses were quite soft but then the chorus would very quickly turn hardand heavy and very fast and much louder than the rest of the song.chorus sounds something like „MONEY MONEY MONEYYYYYY HARDCORE MONEYYYY”(I THINK the word was hardcore..at least thats what i heard..)

the video is great. it has this guy dressed up as the president of theUS (sometimes he’d act like bush, sometimes like clinton, so i think itwas a mix of both) the president would have these hookers around himwhen he sat at his desk, theres a lot of money and bling flashing inthe video. it shows this guy at a gas pump and how the price of the gasisnt steady and keeps changing every second. the end of the video showsthe whitehouse and a big hand puts money in the white house as if itwere a piggy bank. then it shows the US flag with a for sale sign, andthen a huge SOLD sign goes across from it.
great song though. great song!

5. Elect the Dead
this was the shortest song from the above 4. it was a great song (likethem all!) it was very simple, with simple lyrics and music. I think ionly heard piano, serjs singing and possibly an acoustic guitar. (itmight have been electric, i cant quite remember..but it was fairlylight).
the video looked like the Hypnotize DVD in the sense that it had that’hard to see’ effect..those of you whove seen the hypnotize dvd willknow what i’m talking about. like its very blurry and the charactersactions arent smooth. actually, the maker of this video is the samewoman as the hyp dvd, so i guess thats her distinct style! the videorevolves around a couple, man and woman, and the some of the lyrics goalong the lines of „All I need is me” then it turns into „all i need isyou”. (we all dieeeee (or something like that!)

~ - autor: soadnews w dniu 29 września, 2007.


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